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Jan 08 2021 Giant Wizard Elixir Collector Dark Prince and Sparky are your investment cards. When your opponent uses a high cost investment card you can instantly respond with Dark Prince Mini P.E.K.K.A. and Giant. It is one of the high cost decks. Elixir Collector is … 【Get Price】

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Best Clash Royale decks for all arenas. Kept up-to-date for the current meta. Find your new Clash Royale deck now! Deck Shop. Deck Spy Spy Deck ... Giant Sparky Zap Bait Giant Sparky BabyD Beatdown Sparknado 2.0 Sparknado 1.0 Sparky Fire and Ice Giant Skelly Sparky Balloon Barrel bait【Get Price】

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Feb 14 2018 Giant- Giant is the main tank of this deck and will be tanking for cards like graveyard sparky and electro wizard. I would not recommend placing him down if it means you won’t have enough elixir to defend a counterpush because if you overextend this deck doesn’t have many ways to save you. 【Get Price】

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In this Arena (well in every Arena right now) you’ll face a lot of Elite Barbarians so be sure to have tools to defend them. The Royal Hogs deck above is so good focus on leveling up as you’ll be able to use it forever as it’s one of the best ladder decks.【Get Price】


22:27Feb 23 2017 SO yeah i tried creating a deck on the spot and this giant sparky executioner deck worked out and looks like has potential. I haven used the sparky for a lon... PnT FUT【Get Price】

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IntroductionDeck InformationCard RolesStrategyThis is a deck that I used to get to 5000 trophies as a F2P player. Electro Giant is a very strong card after the November 2020 balance update and in my opinion he is stronger than Golem. Sparky is a good support because she deals more DPS than any other ranged support.【Get Price】

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The Giant Sparky DeckGameplayMatchupsGiant Despite not considering myself as a Giant Beatdown player ⅘ of my guide have included this dude! This guy rocking loads of heath for just a cheap 5 elixir is your main card for pushing allowing you to get damage. Due to his cheap cost plop him down in front of any big counter push allowing you to deal defestating damage making this dude your win condition. This is should be your mentality while playing this defend and destr… 【Get Price】

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This Mini Pekka Sparky Electro Giant Deck is very good for Arena 11 players if they used this Clash Royale Mini Pekka Sparky Electro Giant Deck correctly they can reach arena 13 very easily. In the Early game you can start out the match with the Heal Spirit or you can try to activate your king tower with Tornado as early as possible to help you out on defense throughout the rest of the match. 【Get Price】

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Aug 18 2021 The Arena 14 Serenity Peak is one of the two new arenas that Supercell introduced in June 2021. The other arena is the 13th the Rascal’s Hideout. This arena can be reached by obtaining 4600 trophies. Keep reading to see the new cards unlocked on Serenity Peak and the best decks of this Arena that will help you reach the Legendary Arena.【Get Price】

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Any Heavy Tank Deck (Golem Giant PEKKA Giant Skeleton): Sparky same lane + Barbarians on the support troops will destroy the push and give you a powerful counter push. Hog Rider: You have Barbarians Skeletons and Mega Minion. You will always have a counter in cycle. Graveyard: First pressure the other lane with Giant. Use Mega Minion to kill the tank. 【Get Price】