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Deck Or Patio Drainage For Your Inground Swimming Pool

Nov 03 2015 There are essentially two types of drains used in most drainage projects especially when it comes to commercial pool deck drains. These are Strip drains and Spot drains. Strip Drains also known as trench drains are long narrow grates which water trickles into then channels through the trough away from the patio. 【Get Price】

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You can place a few spot drains throughout the pool deck where water will collect naturally. French Drains. French drains are gravel-filled pits that have a drain pipe in the bottom. They are typically used when a pool deck ends in landscaping but the volume of water running into the landscaping is too much for natural drainage. 【Get Price】

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You want to be sure that you position your drain pipes below the frost line if you are in a climate that experiences frost and freezing temperatures. This will help to keep patio pavers from buckling when the ground freezes. Take a look at your pool as it is in use and note where the water pools. This is where you want to place your pool drain. It will …Step 2 – Dig A TrenchStep 3 – MeasureStep 4 – Line The TrenchStep 5 – Attach to The Drain CoverYou will need to dig a deep trench. This will be for your water flow from the drain into your yard and away. You want to have the trench end away from the swimming pool. Be mindful of your neighbors when you determine where to send your drain. While digging the trench be sure to grade it so as to move the water away from the drain. Again remember to keep the pipes below the frost line.【Get Price】

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STEP FIVE - Insert adapter. Can be hooked to 1.5 (38.1 mm) or 2 (50.8 mm) PVC pipe. Pipe can be adapted to any direction. STEP SIX - Place concrete and trowel gradual slope to DECK-O-DRAIN. STEP SEVEN - After concrete has set install end plug remove protective tape and …【Get Price】

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May 27 2017 Here is the SIMPLE EASY and INEXPENSIVE way to clean your deck drains. For anyone with clogged or slow draining deck drains this very well may be THE SINGL...【Get Price】

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Dec 10 2009 From time to time a pool deck tile or two around your swimming pool may need repair. Wear and tear over the years can play havoc on pool deck tiles. Often it is just a tile that has came loose at the grout line or you may have a broken or cracked tile that needs to be replaced.【Get Price】

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Mar 17 2010 Deck drains are known for their advantage of rapidly evacuating surface water or as is sometimes the case containing chemical spills.Depending on your specifications you can choose between a slot trench or French drains. The latter is often confused for a trench drain as they both consist of troughs to cater for this drainage.【Get Price】

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Sep 14 2011 A successful pool deck design is a combination of many factors including materials layout and how the deck fits in with the house and yard. The design appeal of the deck is another important factor to consider. By taking pool deck design one step at a time you can make sure your finished deck complements your home yard and pool and provides all the features you need.【Get Price】

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6:00Jan 11 2018 Drain Pipe From Pool Deck. Easy Install for the Do It Yourself Homeowner. Simple and quick install to solve patio flood.Apple DrainsDrainage Contractorshttp:... Apple Drains【Get Price】

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DECK-O-DRAIN can be used as a screed rail in final flatwork preparation. USES The product is ideal for use on pool decks driveways patios etc. – anywhere water collects and needs to be carried away. COLORS Signature Series Redwood – Wood Grain Appearance. Standard DECK-O-DRAIN is available in Desert Tan Stone Gray and Dura-White.【Get Price】