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Depending on the type of finish the wood has however you may find yourself with a staircase that has a slick surface and this can lead to slips and falls. There are several ways to improve the traction on wood steps so that you don't have to worry about children elderly family members and pets injuring themselves on the stairs.【Get Price】

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Oct 04 2016 Most home staircases are constructed of wood. Wood can present dangerous conditions if treads are worn or over-polished. However there are some easy methods to make you wood stairs less slippery. How To Make Your Wooden Stairs Safer Carpet. Carpet can add traction to wooden … 【Get Price】

Slippery Exterior Wooden Steps How to Deal With Them [DIY]

Dec 10 2020 The benefits of wooden stairs are numerous. They are straightforward to clean and give your house an authentic look. Modern wood steps made from treated lumber also hold up really well outdoors. When they get slimy from rain though they pose a considerable risk that makes them very dangerous. A slippery outdoor surface may make you slip and fall due to less traction and grit.【Get Price】

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