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The last in our basement stair ideas list is a staircase with glass railing. Glasses are always a great option if you want to make a room looks modern and sophisticated. So if a modern vibe is what you want consider using glasses as the basement stair railing.【Get Price】

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Sep 18 2021 Floaty sheer curtains cover the expanse of the large bay window while a textured back wall creates a modern backdrop for designer-led furniture. You can’t see from this image but on the opposite side of the room is an oversized built-in TV and beyond that …【Get Price】

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Fortunately the basement of yesterday is a far cry from the basement of today starting with the very steps we journeyed down. The modern basement is all things at once: recreational room office laundry corner and studio. Hardly uninviting it is a welcome addition to the greater home and extension of all that is meant to be valued and enjoyed. 【Get Price】

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May 20 2013 Why cover that up when you can use it to enhance your room with the additional beauty of a quality antique piece? In order to freshen up the room and give it a more relaxed and modern appeal the seats were covered with a fun graphic fabric and the table was paired with a built in white banquette to mix up the seating.【Get Price】

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MilcoR Floor Access Doors Milcor Corporation 5030 Corporate Exchange Blvd. SE Grand Rapids MI 49512 P (800) 624-8642 F (855) 549-2674. MilcoR produces aluminum as well as steel access doors panels and related products. At left: a steel bulkhead door at the FDR estate in Hyde Park NY. 【Get Price】

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08/02/2011 I am doing every other step. I put one coat on let it dry 4 hours; then placed another coat. I am doing 3 coats on just the treads. I placed a small piece of tape on the steps that I was allowed to step on (just a mental note for me!) I am using a foam brush. Place a fan at the bottom of stairs to aid in quick drying. It is about $11 for a can.138【Get Price】

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07/08/2019 If you like the look of basement you don’t have to cover up your stairs at all. Instead try painting or staining or stain your existing stairs to give them a like-new appearance. First though it’s important to sand the stairs down and get them very clean. … Robert Skorpil【Get Price】

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Many homes have ugly carpeted stairs leading to the basement especially older ones. Underneath this carpet is usually some cheap/rough wood that can be transformed with a little work. This is a DIY job that you can easily do in the course of the weekend.【Get Price】

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02/03/2013 Secure a bike wrack like this one under the stairs for an aesthetically pleasing way to store your cycles. 10. Piano Keys. If you're a true musical fiend you could easily DIY these in your own ... 【Get Price】

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The first step (no pun) is to screw down plywood over the concrete pad. The plywood provides a sub-floor for the finished floor to attach to. Whenever you cover a concrete pad that is on grade (on the ground) you need a moisture barrier between it and the wood above. This prevents rot. 【Get Price】

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There are a few ways of making vinyl floors shine.. 1) You can use a wax on acrylic surfaces and burnish or polish up the floor.. 2) You can use an inorganic type of sealer.That is a solution that hardens the vinyl or rubber and then you burnish it up. 3) You can use our Vinylguard water-based polyurethane sealer. You simply roll it across the floor surface to apply it.【Get Price】

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18/07/2016 Select one stair tread and measure its depth and the step height. Multiply the height by the number of step and the depth by the number of treads. Add the two figures together then add 6 inches …5/5(2)【Get Price】

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01/05/2016 Natural sisal is an excellent stair tread cover and has long been a favorite for its durability skid resistance and its ability to match with many stair colors and styles. Sisal is a hemp-like plant that's used to make ropes twine footwear and cloth so it's a perfect material for stair treads. 07 of 08. Home Improvement Expert【Get Price】

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Aug 21 2021 To keep your basement bug-free wipe the surfaces dry wet areas inspect the scene for leaks and clean up any food crumbs regularly. Vacuum soft surfaces and the floor Give the floors and couches (if any) a quick vacuuming weekly. If you have concrete floors sweep with a broom. Throughout the House. Vacuum entryway hallway and stairs【Get Price】

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6. Rubber. Rubber stairs are one of the newer flooring options for basement stairs and are a great option to explore if you are using your basement more for projects exercising or crafts instead of creating a more luxurious finished environment. Rubber stairs are affordable and ultra-durable similar to cement.【Get Price】

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