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To help speed up your design process with accurate details we have compiled all of our standard architectural drawings details and specifications for decking lumber posts beams and railing profiles. These architectural drawings are available in PDF and AutoCAD file formats and we invite you to download them as needed.【Get Price】

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Ipe hardwood has a Janka Hardness Rating of 3680 lbs with air-dried decking and 12% moisture content. When tested (ASTM-D143) an ipe deck is around eight times harder than California redwood and three times stronger than teak. Ipe decking holds up even in harsh climates and extreme conditions.【Get Price】

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Our premium quality wood decks are second to none. Our low overhead allows us to pass on savings to our customers. We offer top quality premium grade hardwood decking with minimal imperfection or bowing. We offer premium quality Brazilian hardwood deck choices in Virginia such as Ipe Garapa Cumaru Jatoba and Tigerwood and Massaranduba Decking.【Get Price】

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Trees routinely grow to 150 feet and can reach 200 feet with trunk diameters of 6 feet and boles clear to 60 feet or more. Weight varies between 60 and 75 pounds per cubic foot with a specific gravity of 1.08. PROPERTIES. Usually air dries rapidly with very slight checking or warping. Material can be difficult to work and difficult to saw.【Get Price】

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2020/04/21 The entire wood industry uses what is known as nominal sizes. For anyone not in the lumber and construction industry this can be confusing. Nominal sizes are simplified ways to reference not actual sizes. Simply instead of having to say “let me get three-quarters by three and one-half inch” you can simply say “one by … Continue reading Ipe Wood Sizes → 【Get Price】

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Ipe Brazilian Walnut Lumber Scientific Properties and Technical Specifications. Janka Hardness: 3680 pounds. Strength (MOR): 25400 psi. Stiffness (MOE): 3140 1000 psi. Density (KG/m3): 1050. Color: Ipe heartwood contains shades of black and greenish-brown with some striping. The sapwood can be white or yellow toned.【Get Price】

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B. IPE Wood Deck Tiles and Pedestal System during shipment storage and construction against damage. Store a minimum of 4 inches off the ground in a dry location and cover with polyethylene to protect from contact with 1.7 ...【Get Price】

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Deck Railing Specifications Always check local building codes for specs on deck railings. Usually deck railings are required for any deck higher than 30 inches above the ground and for stairs with five or more steps. Local building【Get Price】