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If you must keep your rabbits in a hutch make sure they are rodent proof. There should be no spaces larger than 1/4 inch and use wood and screws to take down any wire. You can still use a deep litter method even over the top of a wire floor. Just make sure there’s enough head space to accommodate the higher floor.Colony Raising Rabbits: The BasicsI’ll put the some of the most valuable bits I’ve learned into a list because I like lists. Then I’ll show some pictures of our set up and talk a...Food and Water in The Rabbit ColonyRabbits are very territorial so it’s important to have several food bowls hay racks and water bottles. When our second doe kindled she decided th...Should You Separate The Weaned rabbits?Rabbits breeds and herds can vary as to when they reach their grow out size. You may want to consider splitting your colony once they reach sexual...【Get Price】

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12:42May 25 2018 Having trouble figuring out what flooring to get your bunnies? Watch this video!!*Our area rug: https://amzn.to/2xuc9qX (5x8)_____ABOUT US:We... Lennon The Bunny【Get Price】

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Wood. This rabbit flooring is mainly used for those who use a rabbit hutch. It must be of fresh wood that is unused while you use it for the rabbits. This is not available most of the time so if you are someone who is really adamant about the wood ones you will have to do your extra research to find the product.【Get Price】

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Our family has been raising rabbits for decades and we are sadly familiar with the horrible smell and disgusting appearance of rabbit urine stains on hardwood floors. Rabbit urine is very high in ammonia and as a result has a very bad smell after sitting for a little while it also causes stains and wood rot if left untreated on wood. Wood rot is caused by the very high nitrogen content of rabbit … 【Get Price】

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Since rabbits — especially the younger ones — can climb a top cover for the pen is a must. This and the exterior walls of a hutch can be made of one-inch mesh chicken wire or narrow spaced boards. Leave a good-sized opening for the wooden door … large enough to admit the nesting box and to let you reach every part of the interior.【Get Price】

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Jun 15 2019 Flooring for Indoor Hutches and Exercise Pens. Selecting flooring for indoor hutches requires more careful selection as rabbit owners must consider protecting the floor of their house from a rabbit chewing it and from urine and droppings. If you have vinyl flooring in your home your rabbit hutch may sit directly on it.【Get Price】

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Sep 28 2017 Rabbits have always been a welcome part of our homestead. Cottontails are economical to raise provide us with a steady supply of meat for the table and manure for the garden (my strawberries were ...【Get Price】

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Apr 15 2018 I would NEVER raise a rabbit on a wooden floor. For one you will end up having to clean it throughly EVERY DAY and then it will still get urine soaked which can be quite unsanitary and will make your rabbit have permanent urine stains on its fur.User Interaction Count: 22【Get Price】

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2017/10/21 Using DIY chicken coop plans to make a home for your hens is so fun – we built our own coops and we know that when we need another one we have the skill set to create it easily. I get lots of questions about how to build a chicken coop what chicken coops need what the best chicken coop ideas are to keep your hens safe and whether you should spend a lot of money on your coop (you ...【Get Price】

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2012/9/17 I am buying a wooden shed and moving it to my yard from another location in my home town (Indiana). The shed is 10’x12′. The location I am putting the shed currently has crushed gravel.【Get Price】

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