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3.4 - Sweep vacuum and remove debris such as drywall compound paint dirt adhesives tack strips staples and loose concrete. 3.5 - Fill cracks with concrete filler and smooth out the surface with the flat edge of a trowel. 3.6 - Let the filler cure then seal with water-based polyurethane.【Get Price】

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09/12/2014 The ideal basement made from wood will have a concrete slab as a base and a waterproof layer between the wood and the ground outside. This eliminates the problem of ground moisture affecting wood beneath the flooring and the waterproofing will help extend the life of the basement walls.【Get Price】

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05/04/2014 Im redoing my partial basement to make it all into usable living space which involves digging out half of it and removing a current half slab to increase headroom and adding to the foundation/footing as needed. Is there any real reason to pour a slab after this is all done? I would love input from someone who has put a vapor/water barrier some foam insulation …【Get Price】

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11/02/2021 Make sure the slab is level and clean and be sure to install an underlayment moisture barrier between the flooring and the slab. Laminate wood-look flooring excels at offering realistic hardwood visuals at an affordable price. Laminate flooring can make basement cleanups a breeze while protecting your home from mold and mildew.【Get Price】

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Engineered wood flooring: the best flooring for basements with spikes in humidity At Carlisle we recommend engineered wood as the best flooring for basement installation. Engineered wood is made with a top layer of hardwood – called the “wear layer” – that’s adhered to multiple layers of backing material creating a floorboard that’s less affected by changes in temperature … 【Get Price】

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18/02/2018 Radiant heat is a great option for a basement because is can help fight moisture coming up from the earth’s soil under your basement concrete slab. This flooring option is recommended never to have your radiant heat set to higher than 85°F. 【Get Price】

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05/05/2014 The basement floor slab or other suitable structure is required to prevent the walls from sliding in just like the floor framing above and the sill anchors. Typical basement walls are not designed to work without both of these and by the time you redesigned and reinforced them to work it would probably be far less costly to just put the concrete slab in. 【Get Price】

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28/02/2012 Concrete slab floors do require that all subgrade utility rough ins be completed before the slab is poured and be accurately located. Retrofits for plumbing or mechanical changes later can be difficult and costly.Wood framed floors with a crawlspace (or basement) below have the advantage of access to space that can be utilized for running ...【Get Price】

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Wood floor over concrete details. Lay a plastic moisture barrier and then screw 3/4-in. plywood to the concrete. Nail the 3/4-in. wood planks to the plywood. If you love solid wood floors and your home rests on a concrete slab you’re not out of luck.【Get Price】

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There are many benefits to using a floating floor on a concrete slab. The slap is not ruined with a high number of nails. The floating floor is fast and easy to install which saves on installation costs. The engineered hardwood is resistant to moisture and mold damage. Engineered wood is often less expensive than traditional hardwood floors.【Get Price】