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What is James Hardie Siding? | Hatch Homes

James Hardie fiber cement siding is one of the leaders in the siding industry and for a good reason! This siding is not only made to be the most durable but the color lasts longer than most other types of siding as well. This means that it continues to look new over …【Get Price】

Problems with Hardie Siding | Should You Install Fiber …

2019-2-5 Problems With Hardie Siding. Hardie siding problems a.k.a. fiber cement problems are rare but do happen from time to time. Fiber cement is a siding material that was first introduced in the 1980’s as a replacement for asbestos cement wood aluminum and vinyl siding products.【Get Price】

What is Hardie Board Siding? -

2021-8-14 Hardie Board siding is manufactured by James Hardie®. Known for its durability it's made out of a combination of sand cement and cellulose fibers. Though it's synthetically manufactured it possesses a warm and natural appearance often comparable to that of wood. Available in a variety of colors it can be used to work in any color scheme.【Get Price】

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2021-10-11 James Hardie siding (also goes by the name of fiber cement siding or Hardie) was created over a century ago. The main components of this siding are fiber cement cellulose sand and water. This special formula makes James Hardie one of …【Get Price】

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2016-9-8 James Hardie Siding is manufactured for all types of weather. It’s tested to withstand hurricanes moisture and humidity. It’s even ready for the off-season. Hardie siding can protect against winter weather as well. Wood siding is less durable and expands when affected by moisture and humidity. Hardie siding will prevent damage to your ...【Get Price】

James Hardie Siding for Beachfront Homes - Spicer Bros

2021-3-12 The Performance of James Hardie Siding in Different Weather Conditions. The first big difference between wood siding and James Hardie siding is that the latter contains fiber cement. Fiber cement is a stronger more durable building material than wood and makes a good replacement option for beachfront homes that still have wood siding. The ...【Get Price】

Siding on Historic Homes - Practical Preservation

Original or historically-accurate siding on a historic home or building is an overt example of a building’s era and unique characteristics. Photo by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti on Unsplash. Synthetic vs. Wood Siding: Life-span. Synthetic siding has a potential life of …【Get Price】

Best House Siding Options for Bay Area Homes

2020-11-29 This siding can be made to look like vinyl siding wood siding and even stone siding. So regardless of the look that you're hoping to achieve fiber cement siding can make it a reality. Simply put fiber cement siding is the best of the best not only in the Bay Area but everywhere else is as well. 【Get Price】

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2020-4-17 Cons of Hardie Board siding Initial investment. There are so many pros it offsets the con for this siding material: the initial cost. Hardie Board siding is a greater financial investment than vinyl siding but it lasts longer too.So as you consider this aspect of your decision realize you will enjoy this outstanding siding for up to 50 years. 【Get Price】

10 Reasons Why James Hardie Siding Is Still The Best

2017-11-3 6. Durability: In addition to being non-combustible James Hardie siding is termite resistant. Termite damage is one of the most common costly repairs required by homes with wood-based cladding products. Consumer experts report that on average about $30 billion is spent to repair termite damage across the US every year. 【Get Price】