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Aug 26 2019 In terms of regulations there are no requirements for how close a shed can be too a fence; however there are advisory rules which you can follow. The … 【Get Price】

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Originally Answered: How close can you put a shed to a fence? You can usually install a standard size shed right up to the fence keeping on your side of the property line but there are several criteria such as height and other features that may contravene local municipal …【Get Price】

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Jun 19 2020 I've figured the best way to avoid leaving a small gap between the shed and the fence panel that could become damp and rot both is to actually attach the shed to the fence. My plan is to slope the roof back to front with the back being about 1'-18 higher than the fence is currently and the front about the same height as the panel - it'll be 4' deep so that should be sufficient slope I think?【Get Price】

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Sep 06 2015 posted 2013-Oct-9 9:52 pm AEST. Some councils don't require permits for garden sheds or sheds under 9 sq m (3x3m) in size. As for those which do require a building permit again council dependant either hard up against the fenceline (or forming part of the fence) or 1000mm out. Ours is the latter.【Get Price】

Can i put a shed up against my boundary fence

Jul 17 2010 Unless there is something on the deeds to your property which states to the contrary there is no legal reason why you should not erect a shed on the boundary of your property. The only possible problem could be if the size and location of the shed caused a nuisance to your neighbours by obstructing their natural light. 【Get Price】

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Hi John I want to put up a lean-to shed against the side wall of the house up to the boundary fence with our neighbour. The shed will not be going past the front of the house. Is this allowed to be done with regard to building regulations? Many thanks for any assistance. Michelle Answer: Hi Michelle Thank you for your question.【Get Price】

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Closeness to BoundariesExposure to The ElementsSurrounding ShrubberyProximity to The HouseGround ReliabilitySun DirectionAccessibilityPlacing your shed right up against a garden fence can cause a whole host of problems. Frankly it’ll probably get on the neighbour’s nerves and moreover if it’s big the act of putting it there could considered illegal. There are certain legislationsregarding the positioning of a shed with regards to it’s size and the subsequent relevant need for planning position. These can vary between different councils and governments so che…【Get Price】

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Aug 06 2012 The shed should be at least one metre from the boundary. It should not exceed 2.5 metres in height. If closer and higher you will need to apply for planning permission. You will also need planning permission assuming the shed is within the one metre rule if any part is higher than 14 metres or if the eaves height is greater than 3 metres.【Get Price】

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However if you are wanting to position your garden shed at the front of your property ie between the road and house different regulations may apply. As you would be aware majority of people position their garden shed against a Boundary/Fence this is up to the property owner but please be aware the Council may ask you to move your shed as it should be the height away from the boundary. 【Get Price】

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Can I build a wood shed up against my boundry fence! What about a tin shed! Do It Yourself! Sheds close to boundry Page 1 / 2. freestar5 ... you can put a garden shed against the boundy fence they do not need a permit . ebygum1 Mar 17 7:13pm. Copy No you can'ta shed that is exempt from having a permit has to be it's height away from the ...【Get Price】