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DECK-O-SEAL – A COMPLETE POOL DECK SYSTEM We offer a complete system to protect enhance and beautify your pool deck walkway or patio. The DECK-O-SEAL line of pool deck products has expanded to include sealers used to seal your decks copings and waterfalls. For use with concrete brick pavers natural stone or decorative concrete.【Get Price】


Oct 05 2021 Amazon.com: SWIMMING POOL DECK SEALERDeck O Seal Gray Deck-O-Seal 4701032【Get Price】

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What is the best concrete sealer for pool decks? There are many options when it comes to choosing a sealer. Two commonly used types of pool deck sealers are: Acrylic sealers (water-based or solvent-based). Breathable which means they repel water and allow moisture vapor within the slab to escape. Creates a glossy sheen on top of your surface.【Get Price】

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Sep 16 2021 Because of the damaging nature salt water and the elements such as acid rain and UV exposure can have on concrete it is best to seal a pool deck. Depending on the desired finish a natural/flat sealer or high gloss/wet look sealer may be used. 【Get Price】

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Water Repellent Sealers for Pool Decks. Reduce dusting staining cracking spalling and pitting with a high solids water repellent concrete sealer. Foundation Armor water repellents cause water and other liquids to bead off the surface. They are not designed to leave behind a film or coating or change the look or color of the concrete brick or paver surface.98%(39)【Get Price】

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Oct 17 2020 Polyurethane sealers are also suitable for pool decks. You do have to give them a bit of time to cure. Once that’s over though they will provide more than adequate protection and additional luster to the concrete surface. Epoxy sealers are not quite as good to use on pool decks as the aforementioned options. 【Get Price】