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Cost: One of the less expensive materials wood averages $9-11 per square foot for a 4 foot fence and $15-18 for a 6 foot privacy fence. Durability: The durability of a wood fence is not as good as other fencing materials. Anticipate 5-10 years for the life of your fence depending on the amount of quality maintenance it receives.【Get Price】

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Nov 21 2018 Removing Mold and Algae. Mold and algae can damage your wood fence and even if you remove them they can leave behind green stains. To remove … 【Get Price】

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Apr 30 2017 1. Use oxygenated bleach on a wood fence. Mix together an oxygen bleach powder like Oxiclean according to the manufacturer's directions. Apply the mixture to a water dampened fence with a large painter’s brush leave it for 15 minutes and then scrub the surface with a plastic bristle scrub brush.94%(49)【Get Price】

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When cleaning the wood use a cleaner like PPG deck and fence cleaner which will penetrate into the wood and lift the dirt which can then be easily be rinsed away. Spray the cleaner and lightly scrub with an upright brush like the Worchester Workhorse pole-mounted brush. Greece Greece【Get Price】

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Sep 02 2011 Prior to re-stainning your deck or fence it is important to clean the wood area first. Properly cleaning the material ensures that the stain you apply will adhere … 【Get Price】

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Step 1. Rinse the wood fence off with a power washer. The power washer will effectively remove any loose dirt and debris from the fence. Spray the fence from the top to the bottom and work your way around the fence. Keep the tip at least 18 inches away from the wood. Greece Greece【Get Price】

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May 22 2021 Wood fences can be cleaned with a pressure washer or by hand before staining. Use a pressure washer at 1500-2000 psi with a 25-40 degree angle spray. Alternatively use a 1 part bleach: 2 parts water mixture and a scrub brush to hand scrub the fence clean. Greece Greece【Get Price】

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5:50Feb 05 2014 This video depicts how to clean a wood fence with Oxiclean. No pressure washer needed.I realize that a pressure washer is much faster of course.I decided to ... Terry B【Get Price】

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Mar 22 2021 Thank to that your fence loses its charm on a frequent basis. There are 2 major ways of cleaning your wood fences. Let us discuss both of them. 1. Pressure Water Wood Fence Cleaning. Pressure water wood fence cleaning is the most efficient way of rejuvenating the health of your fences. It requires minimal effort yet reaches out to each corner. Greece Greece【Get Price】

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To keep from damaging wood when pressure washing: Use a pressure washer rated at 2700 PSI or less. Choose a wide angle (40° or so) tip. Keep the tip a consistent 12” to 18” away from the surface. Move the wand constantly while cleaning. Once the fence is clean it’s important to stain or seal the wood to … Greece Greece【Get Price】