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18.03.2020 Most deck stains will last 1-2 years if stored properly. Follow these guidelines to store a deck stain for future use and it will save you money in the long run. Consequently does oil based deck stain go bad? Your stains can stay usable if following these simple guidelines. Unopened cans of deck stain – just like regular paint – have a ...【Get Price】

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While wood stains can last anywhere from a general three years to a stretch of decades there are some big factors that contribute to wood stain going “bad.”. Your wood stain could be more prone to going “bad” and lasting shorter in the can if: It’s exposed to air. It’s exposed to moisture. 【Get Price】

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Exposure to Air Will Speed Up Deck Stain DecayA can of penetrating oil stain can last six years when new. It will keep fresh three years after you have opened it. The time that your stain will last without breaking down depends on the amount of air that you expose it to. When in storage ensure t…Temperature Extremes Will Speed Up Deck Stain DecayWhen storing your leftover wood stain ensure that the area of storage has temperature control. Extreme heat or cold will ruin a good stain. If you leave it to freeze there are high chances that the freeze and thaw cycles will affect the stain’…Light and Moisture Can Lower the Quality of Your Wood StainSome products can be sensitive to light so you will have to store them in opaque containers should you have any leftovers. The presence of moisture during storage can encourage the growth of microorganisms breaking down your wood stain.The Shelf Life of Various Types of Wood StainsConclusionSourcesOld deck stains will go bad if you store them poorly. Exposure to moisture air extreme temperatures and light can be detrimental to a can of wood stain’s durability. Observe safety when storing your wood stain. Save the can on a top shelf to protect kids and pets. Ensure that the stain is free from any fire hazards since most wood stains have volatile and flammable chemical components.【Get Price】

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09.10.2021 Deck Stain Gone Bad! Last spring i decided to bring some new life into our 10 year old treated wood deck. i am a 25 year general contractor. i had it professionally power washed allowed 2 weeks to completely dry and applied a (supposed) top rated Behr deck stain (per consumer reports). it was their wood-toned weatherproofing wood sealer and ...【Get Price】