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Molded from the same durable polymer as the polyurethane encapsulated insulated rail joint. Prevents tie cutting. Click here to return to the top of the page. For more information or quotes on any Koppers Rail Joints or Track Components please call one of our account representatives at 1 …【Get Price】

US20120187205A1 - Rehabilitation of discarded wooden …

US20120187205A1 US13/068248 US201113068248A US2012187205A1 US 20120187205 A1 US20120187205 A1 US 20120187205A1 US 201113068248 A US201113068248 A US 201113068248A US 2012187205 A1 US2012187205 A1 US 2012187205A1 Authority US United States Prior art keywords ties tie cracks discarded railroad Prior art date 2006-06-20 Legal …Cited by: 4【Get Price】

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24.01.2020 How to Repair Railroad Tie Retaining Walls. Dig out the dirt sitting within 3 feet of the retaining wall using a shovel. Remove any ties that are spongy cracked or crumbling on any side. Reposition the railroad ties so they sit in a slight step configuration if they are stacked straight up with an offset of 1 inch. Simply so are railroad ties good for retaining walls? You can build a ...【Get Price】

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Disclosed is a method and apparatus for the simultaneous removal of an old railroad tie that is part of an existing railroad tie with a new railroad tie. The apparatus includes a first railroad car th . Login Sign up Search Expert Search; Quick Search; US Patents/Apps Other SEARCH; TOOLS RESOURCES Title: Apparatus and method of railroad tie replacement . United States Patent 7571681 ...【Get Price】

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Jul 31 2014 Inventor: Christian Schnyder. Method for restoring used railroad ties and the d railroad ties formed thereby. Patent number: 7632557. Abstract: This invention provides a method for restoring at least one means defining a railroad spike hole located in a …【Get Price】

US4295259A - Method of filling spike holes in railway ties …

A method of re-using wooden railroad ties in which the old spike holes are filled with a high density rigid polyurethane foam injected into the holes. The foam serves as a plug which prevents or retards deterioration of the tie at the hole site primarily by preventing or mitigating ingress of moisture. Additionally the foam serves to anchor a new spike if by chance the same hole …Cited by: 14【Get Price】

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A Deadman railroad tie is a railroad tie that runs perpendicular to the retaining wall and into the hill that you are building the retaining wall against. Deadman ties are great for ensuring the retaining wall is as solid as possible. We recommend using a deadman railroad tie every 20 feet of your retaining wall. If you are building a retaining wall with the distance spanning less than 20 feet ...【Get Price】

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Oct 24 2018 Method and apparatus for retrieving and placing tie plates. Patent number: 11015298. Abstract: A method and apparatus for retrieving and placing tie plates is disclosed. The machine may place at least one railroad tie plate in a hopper assembly for storage and transfer of the at least one railroad tie plate transfer the at least one railroad tie plate from …【Get Price】

US5238734A - Railroad ties made of recycled tire …

This invention relates to the use of rubber fragments from discarded tires in railroad ties. Such ties are made using rubber fragments which contain steel polyester or other strands or fibers and which therefor are less expensive to prepare than fragments from which the reinforcing strands have been removed. These fragments are mixed with an epoxy mixture comprising an …Cited by: 59【Get Price】

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We have years of experience saving repairing stabilizing railroad cross tie retaining walls - we offer fully engineered solutions to stabilize walls with earth or rock anchors -. [email protected] 770-206-0083. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started.【Get Price】

WO2011097033A1 - Borate and polymer compositions …

The remedial repair treatment may alternatively comprise sequential application of the borate solution and the plugging compound to the wooden area of interest. WO2011097033A1 - …Author: Doug Delmonico Fabian Weber【Get Price】

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12.10.2021 TieTek Begins Recycled Plastic Railroad Tie Produc. Houston TX Jun. 3--North American Technologies Group Inc. subsidiary TieTek LLC hosted an open house on May 27 to celebrate the opening of ...【Get Price】

US Patent for Foamable composition exhibiting instant …

Apr 24 2001 In the repair of a railroad tie the composition of the invention is preferably preheated to a temperature ranging from about 80° F. (27° C.) to about 120° F. (49° C.) and applied into the spike hole using an automatic mixing and application unit that is part of a track repair process that can remove the spike and spike plate lift or replace the railroad tie and …【Get Price】


(D) Clean petroleum products for the purpose of maintaining or repairing railroad tracks including the railroad rights- of-way but not including railroad ties. (2) All open burning that is allowed under this subsection must comply with the following conditions:【Get Price】

US6292997B1 - Pre-plating of wooden railroad ties - …

Methods are disclosed by which wooden railroad ties are pre-plated prior to use in constructing and/or repairing railroad lines. Methodology disclosed comprises placing two plates on top of each of a succession of wooden ties temporarily positioning disclosed one of the two plates on each tie with a distance or spacer template temporarily clamping the two plates accurately to …Cited by: 11【Get Price】

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The railway tie plate which also can be called as railway base plate or sole plate is made of either mild steel cast iron wrought iron or malleable steel it’s interposed between the foot of a flat footed rail and wooden sleeper to distribute the load on a larger area. The railway tie plate is fastened to wooden ties by means of rail spikes or bolts through holes in the railway tie ...【Get Price】

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TxDOT does not deal with used railroad ties and most railroads no longer allow people to pick up ties on their right of way because of safety hazards and the danger involved. Materials are considered property of the railroad company that owns the particular track. Taking them is considered a crime. The railroad police can issue a citation and it is also considered trespassing on railroad ...【Get Price】

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Jun 29 2018 System method and appartus for in-situ dynamic repair of a railroad. Patent number: 10760222. Abstract: A device for in-situ dynamic repair of a railroad can include two connected machines. A first one of machines can be a track lifting unit that can clamp the rails of the railroad and lift the track in its entirety out of its track bed. The first machine also can plow …【Get Price】

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Rail Joints Track Components. Koppers rail joints and track component are produced in our Huntington West Virginia facility. As an industry leader in wood and concrete ties for the rail transportation industry the production of rail joints and track components enable us to offer products in a seemless and efficient fashion. Read More.【Get Price】

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08.04.2012 Depending on your budget and size of the wall you could use 6x6 treated timbers or retaining wall block or have a poured concrete wall. If you are attempting removal yourself please be careful with those railroad ties and use some heavy duty gloves.【Get Price】