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Installing a Hardwood Floor Over a Concrete Slab ...

Solid parquet should not be installed below grade. The entire flooring level is considered to be below grade where soil is present along any perimeter wall and is more than 3 above the installed wood flooring level. A vapor retarder is always required over the concrete slab and below the subflooring material.【Get Price】

How to Glue Solid Parquet floorly to a Concrete ...

13/10/2021 How to Glue Solid Parquet floorly to a Concrete Slab. Typical ceramic tiles are a common sight in many homes but some homeowners choose to install parquet flooring as an alternative. Amy Rodriguez【Get Price】

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5/10/2020 Advice much appreciated :-D. gingawarrior Oct 5 2020. #1. DIYDave. Screwfix Select. Liquid DPM. 2 coats SBR diluted 1-4 with water. Pour self levelling compound - Mapei Ultimate is good don’t need flexible over concrete slab. Ready to glue down parquet using products recommended by flooring supplier.【Get Price】

How do you lay a parquet floor on concrete?

How to Glue Solid Parquet floorly to a Concrete Slab Sweep the concrete slab with a broom. Test the moisture content of the concrete slab with a calcium chloride moisture test kit. Repeat Step 2 in different regions along the floor slab. Spread urethane adhesive in the exact center of the concrete slab with the square notch trowel.【Get Price】