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Repair Replace Rotted Cantilevered Balcony Deck

I have a cantilevered balcony deck that is in need of repair and replacing decking from rot. The deck is approximately 4' x 14' on a house that I recently purchased in Wisconsin. The house was a foreclosure and wasn't maintained properly. The decking (2 x 10 pt) …【Get Price】

Second-Story Balconies - Fine Homebuilding

2013. 5. 16. Many homeowners like the romantic idea of a second-story balcony but for such a feature to be successful it must be installed correctly. In this Energy Smart Details article Martin Holladay describes how to avoid common problems when …【Get Price】

BALCONY PLANNING RULES: Things to consider while building a …

2020. 11. 9. Balcony Planning Rules for London. Rolling railings. People who would like a balcony also wonder if it will need planning permission. In UK the answer would mostly be ‘yes’ because raised platforms are not Permitted Developments. This is especially the case in conservation areas or where there is no precedent.【Get Price】

How to repair wood board under the balcony - Renovate Forum

2008. 7. 24. Hello I recently found some problems with the wood boards under my balcony. There is a gap between the wood boards which appears to be a result of wood decaying (see the picture below taken top down). The balcony extends out from the main bedroom and is about 7 meters above the ground which means it is possibly not the type of DIY job.【Get Price】

Replacing Timber Deck with Tiles - Renovate Forum

2015. 1. 6. So Looking for some advice. i cant seam to find any span tables to suit the timber sizes or should i consult an engineer. Decks are 7.2m long 2.6m wide with 90mm steel posts every 2.4m one end is sitting on brick wall Bearer is 280x70mm hard wood Joists spaced every 450mm are 120x50mm hardwood. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Mal.Laying a timber floor on batons2016. 10. 18.Replacing a timber retaining wall2016. 9. 21.Tiling over Timber floor2010. 7. 13.Grout for tiles over timber2008. 9. 7. 【Get Price】

Replacing wooden balcony handrails -

2021. 9. 9. Replacing wooden balcony handrails. Postby Screagle Sun Sep 12 2021 12:43 pm. I've two balconies with wooden handrails on steel balustrades that are nearing end of life - the handrails that is! Having recently hung persianas de esparto from under the guardapolvos the abrasive persianas are likely to hasted their decline.【Get Price】

THE TRUTH ABOUT WOOD ROT (You need to watch this!!) - …

10:362019. 9. 15. Don't get fooled by contractors! Wood rot is the most misunderstood concept in home improvement. Many homeowners fall victim to wood rot scams and bad buildi... The Honest Carpenter【Get Price】

ACM Cladding/Timber Balconies replacement - …

2021. 3. 19. Hello everyone A leasehold property owned (currently let out to tenants) has fortunately secured Government funding to replace ACM cladding and related timber material found in the development (block of purpose built flats). The management company has however informed us that a certain number of timber balconies (that need replacing with safer fire-resistant material) are not …【Get Price】

Flat owners get £31000 bill for balconies ‘left to rot’ | Property - …

2019. 10. 12. 343. T he owners of six flats have been left reeling after being hit with a bill for £31000 from their landlord – for repairing two small wooden balconies which the … Rupert Jones【Get Price】

Building Regulations and balconies | LABC

2021. 9. 6. Balconies can be a great addition to your home: they add extra light and ventilation to a room provide some outside space and are a great way to take in the scenery. The right balcony can be a real selling point and make your home more attractive to prospective purchasers.【Get Price】