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Oct 15 2014 Chitosan–lignin (50:50) composite exhibited high rates of removal of dyes and Cr(VI). ... The presence of very low concentrations of even 10 ppm of dyes in water imparts a color ... hardwood grassy) and hence it is imperative that surface modified lignins and lignin-based composites are developed as potential adsorbent materials.Cited by: 267【Get Price】

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Jan 01 2019 The lignin-modified by caprolactone can increase its polarity and get an asteriod graft copolymer. Therefore the composite produced by blending caprolactone-modified lignin with PVC will show a good compatibility between the components while the composite also has a single T g that meets the Fox equation.【Get Price】

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Polyurethane Composite Films Based on Modified Lignin and Reinforced with Silica Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Characterization Bailiang Xuea* Yang Yanga aRui Tang Yongchang Sunb cShaoni cSun Xuefei Cao and Xinping Li a* Novel lignin-based polyurethane (LPU) and LPU-nanosilica composite films were prepared using in situ polymerization ...Cited by: 【Get Price】

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This chapter focuses on lignin-modified materials including the most widely applied lignin-modified materials: rubber engineering plastics adhesives and three other materials. Lignin as a filler instead of carbon black to modify rubber can enhance the mechanical properties of rubbers while also improving the oxidation resistance and solvent resistance of the matrix.【Get Price】


70%. The effects of pressure temperature and the modified lignin dosage on the properties of the composites were also evaluated. The pressure of 2 MPa was not enough to make a strong composite and the composite with low dosage of modified lignin could not resist water which signifies pressure and the ratio of modified lignin to sawdust are【Get Price】