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2020/04/22 April 22 2020 randolpha96 2720 0 Comments Link Deck Information Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks Deck Master: Ancient Warriors - Virtuous Liu Xuan TCG/OCG: TCG Submission Date: April 22nd 2020 Author: randolpha96 x1 ...Deck Master: Ancient Warriors-Virtuous Liu Xuan【Get Price】

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12:032020/03/09 #edopro #ygolite #rushduel #deck #duel___________________________________________________Thanks for watching TrendyTV! If you enjoyed our video make sure to ... YGO Lite【Get Price】

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2021/04/03 Music Deck. December 24 2020. December 24 2020. Treven 600 0 Comments Djinn Machine Symphonic Warrior. Time To Rock The Stage And Make That Cash And Go On Tour. Read more. Decks Non-Meta Decks.【Get Price】

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2021/08/06 Since the Warrior Hero Power is only useful for survival building your deck to dominate in the late-game is the strongest strategy. Aggro Warrior decks can be successful due to the high damage output of their Weapons and Charge minions but the Hero Power can be a handicap to this strategy.For a list of cards to craft in priorty see our Warrior crafting guide .【Get Price】

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18:482020/01/16 Aquí tenéis una de vuestras peticiones el deck Symphonic Warrior._____Here you are one of your petitions the Symphonic Warrior deck.Decklist:-Main deck:x3 ... El dojo del duelista【Get Price】

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Symphonic Warrior known as Sound Warrior (音響戦士 (サウンドウォリアー) Saundoworiā) in the Japanese version is an archetype of low-Level WIND Machine monsters (some of which are Tuners) first released in Storm of Ragnarok. Symphonic Warriors are mechanic anthropomorphized music equipment. They all have some sort of support effects to change the card attributes of monsters ...【Get Price】

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2020/04/05 Top Standard Legend Decks From Galakrond’s Awakening – Week 11 – April 2020. Expansion releases next Tuesday in just 2 days but it means that we still have 2 days of the old meta! So this will be our last deck compilation during Year of the Dragon. What a long strange trip it’s been.【Get Price】