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2010/01/12 Re: is a deck boat accepatable for off shore use? Deck boats aren't for offshore use. 3-4 miles out is offshore. rsw21282 you have all the classic signs of someone hunting and pecking for the answer you want as you bob and weave around all the more sensible answers. You are talking about regular use here.【Get Price】

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V-Shaped Hulls and StabilityV-Shaped Hulls and Boat HorsepowerMore Features That Improve Deck Boat StabilityEnjoy The Deck Boat RideThe reason deck boats can perform well and feel secure in rough water is because a v-shaped hull is designed to be stable when on the move. It will feel much less stable than a pontoon does when it is stationary but when you ramp up the speed you will notice a huge difference. Not all deck boats are designed for high speeds but if you do invest in one that can move at higher speeds it will perform better. Since the v-shape is designed to slice through the water the faster the boat …【Get Price】

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2021/05/17 Boat Safe is a community supported site. We may earn comission from links on this page but we have confidence in all recommended products. If you’re looking for the perfect family boat or a watercraft you can take out on the water and enjoy a fun day out in the sun with friends; a deck boat might be just the thing you need to do it. 【Get Price】

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The short and simple answer to that is yes! Yes deck boats can go in the ocean. See we told you it was not a silly question. This might come as a surprise to some people since pontoon boats cannot (or should not). Yes we know we are comparing pontoon boats and deck boats again but hear us out. Normally people think that deck boats cannot go ... 【Get Price】

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2010/02/22 The water can turn from smooth to 8-10 footers in less than an hour. In water that big my v-hull was too small. Lake Washington is OK most of the time but regularly turns into Lake Washingmachine with 3ft chop. There are tons of lakes and rivers in this area that a deck boat would be great on. P.S.【Get Price】

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Deck boats are an amazing investment but how safe are they? After all you will be transporting 10 – 12 people in your deck boat safety is an obvious concern. In today’s article we are going to discuss deck boat stability concerns ...【Get Price】