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Nov 01 2019 If you search “how to build a roof over a deck” online it will help you determine what to use to cover your deck. The three main options include a gable roof a hip roof and a shed roof. Once you determine the type of roof you want for your deck then you’ll have to choose the type of material. 【Get Price】

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28.08.2020 Start here if you're building a roof over a patio or deck. This article discusses strategies for building over an existing slab patio or over a deck and offers links to articles about the specific tasks such as pouring the footings raising posts and so forth.【Get Price】

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Building a floating deck on an epdm rubber roof surface. by Paul (WA) I have an interesting problem. I am taking a 25x25 roof over a garage that was done in decking then tile and …【Get Price】

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Build a roof on your deck to enjoy your outdoor space regardless of the weather! Unfortunately bad weather can put a damper on that enjoyment. However by building a simple roof …【Get Price】

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21.09.2011 Build the deck roof above and extending out over the house roof. The rain would flow from the deck roof onto the house roof and into the existing gutters. This idea accomplished a couple of things. The deck roof was higher giving the deck an open airy feel like it didn't have a roof. It also allowed a breeze to flow naturally through the deck ...【Get Price】

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Aug 28 2020 Building Over an Existing Slab Building on an Existing Deck Start here if you want to build a roof over a patio or deck. We will walk you through the entire process from …【Get Price】

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A deck on a sloped roof requires a different approach to the framing underneath the joists. Roof deck framing unlike for decks at ground level doesn’t entail a ledger attached to the rim joist of a house. Instead a pair of beams rest on supports called sill plates to create a frame for the deck.【Get Price】

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Detailing the Roof eDge use permanent trim around a permanent roof. PVC won’t rot it takes paint well and you can glue rubber roofing to it. Glue the roofing to the fascia. Spread the adhesive on the rubber roofing and about 2 in. onto the board below. Drip edge protects the corner. Nail a 3-in. aluminum drip edge over the corner of the roof. Guide a1MB【Get Price】

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Sep 28 2019 Some people also like the feel of having a higher deck roof so this could be an option you might want to look at. When you start building your roof over the deck try and get …【Get Price】

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Cost to Build a Roof Over a Deck. A covered veranda roof costs $3000 to $10000 for materials and labor. It’s a large project that requires adding on to the framing attaching the …【Get Price】

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19.07.2021 Building a Covered Deck. Building a covered deck next to your home can add a great deal to both its value and to your enjoyment of it. The deck shown above is just such a project and while this article cannot give you specific plans it can help with planning and building your own deck complete with roof for those rainy days.【Get Price】

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13.11.2010 By adding a glass roof to your deck you then have the option to convert the space into a conservatory sunroom or even an outdoor entertainment area. You can create a functional and beautiful glass roof over your deck with little expense by using old or recycled windows.【Get Price】

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07.04.2015 Alright everyone I posted on here a month or two ago about putting a gable roof over a deck. You all have given me great advise... helped with the drawings and what I needed to change. After that I submitted that to the building department and they approved it a couple days ago. :thumbsup: I...【Get Price】

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Deck Roof Materials Polycarbonate Roof Panels. These roofing panels resemble plastic in that they are semi-transparent allowing light to... Shingles. If you want to keep your deck roof to meld seamlessly into your existing roof then shingles are a great... Metal Roofing. Adding metal roofing …【Get Price】

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Jul 09 2012 The Three Types of Deck Roofs. 1. Shed Roof. A single sloping surface that starts at the exterior house wall and ends at support posts. It works well for long and narrow decks but ... 2. Gable Roof. 3. Hip Roof. 【Get Price】

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28.09.2019 Some people also like the feel of having a higher deck roof so this could be an option you might want to look at. When you start building your roof over the deck try and get some material that compliments the decking. You might want to use the same wood or something else. Treat it with the same products to give it a similar finish.【Get Price】

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Oct 24 2019 If you’d like to build a deck over your roof make sure the roof has a covering that allows water to run off. You’ll most likely be able to build the deck on that. Even if your …【Get Price】

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21.05.2019 Often when we build a deck on a house it only takes a little time in the heat of the summer sun and we quickly realize it would be nice to have some shade when enjoying the outdoors. How hard is it to install that roof over your deck to achieve that oft needed shade? It really depends. If you【Get Price】

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Apr 03 2020 There are many advantages to a metal roof but the 40-60 year lifespan is probably the favorite. Metal is a lighter material than shingles too. A professional roofer shared his top …【Get Price】

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13.08.2019 Building a Deck Just Got Easier. There are many ways to build a deck. We like to keep things simple which is why this deck material calculator estimates materials for a ground level deck without stairs or a railing. If you need both you can still use the calculator to estimate how much material you’ll need for the deck itself. The variety ...【Get Price】

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Installing a porch roof over an existing deck is usually not recommended unless the deck was originally designed to support a future porch. Typical decks are designed to support 55 PSF …【Get Price】